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Customized Supplementation

We Provide Customized Supplementation 

Tired of wasting your money on ineffective supplements? We are here to help.


If you’ve taken supplements before in hopes of reaching optimal health or ridding your symptoms but didn’t have any luck, it could be for multiple reasons including.

If you want to see results with supplementation, then you have to know what vitamins and minerals to take and how to take them.

Often patients order supplements from Amazon or in their local drugstore and are disappointed when they don’t feel a difference. Not only are these usually low-quality, many times they don’t have enough active ingredients to be effective, but they could also be contaminated with other toxic or unhealthy fillers, and many patients are taking supplements that their unique body actually doesn’t even need. This can be discouraging and even a waste of money.

We provide high-quality supplement brands, recommendations on vitamins that your body actually needs based on lab testing (we test, don’t guess), and recommend supplements to optimize your bodily functions even if levels are within “normal” range but not “optimal” range to prevent issues in the future.

We base supplementation recommendations off of patient symptoms and lab testing, including:

– Candida Testing

– Comprehensive Stool Analysis

– SIBO Breath Testing

– H. Pylori Breath Testing

– Heavy Metal / Essential Nutrient Testing

– Nutrient Deficiencies

TOP 10 Conditions Nutritional Supplementation Can Help:

  1. Joint and/or muscle pain
  2. Sleep disorders
  3. Fatigue
  4. Stress, anxiety
  5. Pre-workout and post-workout recovery
  6. Digestive health (e.g. IBS, GERD, constipation)
  7. Skin health (acne, eczema, psoriasis)
  8. Female health (e.g. PMS, PCOS, menopause)
  9. Men’s health (e.g. prostate, low libido)
  10. Chronic conditions (e.g. Hypertension, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy)

Dr. Yoon can be contacted via e-mail at for any questions or inquires.

A holistic approach to health

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