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Personalized Integrative Medicine


About the Doctor

Dr. James Yoon

As your naturopathic doctor, I vow to put my knowledge and expertise to work for you and to help improve your overall health – not just treat an existing illness.

 My goal as a licensed and experienced naturopathic doctor is to successfully combine traditional medicine and science-based research to offer complementary healthcare solutions to my patients.

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Areas of Clinical Focus

Working hand-in-hand with our patients, we carve a route for better health & recovery.

Men's Health

Our approach to men’s health encompasses testing, lifestyle, diet, and supplements, putting you in control of your own life.

Women's Health

You are meant to feel full of energy, health, and happiness every day. Let Dr. Yoon carve a path to a healthier, richer & fuller life.

Weight Loss

We address underlying factors and help you create healthy eating & exercise habits to achieve your weight loss goals.


The root of many health conditions manifests from an unhealthy gut. Mainstream lifestyle behaviors support this & Naturopaths can help.


Unlike traditional medicine, a naturopathic medicine approach looks to find the root immune system trigger(s) and eases up the immune system.

Hormone Disorders

Hormone treatment plans vary depending on the imbalance. it’s essential to work with a hormone expert to get customized protocols created just for you.

Stress & Anxiety

NDs carefully select supplements that can offer effective treatment for anxiety. We recommend supplements based on our patient’s unique needs.


Vitality in Professionals. The best investment is an investment in people! Build a united, healthy team of professionals. Boost staff productivity and team spirit.
Feel Better

Improve Energy

Feel Better
Stay sharp

Increased Focus

Stay sharp
Forget about it

Minimize Stress

Forget about it

Naturopathic Medicine Survey Insights

Nearly six in ten Ontarians agree that naturopathic medicine results in better health outcomes for those who use it.
Approximately three in ten individuals report fewer visits to the hospital as a result of the care received from Naturopathic doctors.

Source: Innovative Research Group, Inc. (2011). Ontario Telephone Omnibus: Attitudes Towards Naturopathic Medicine.


We continue to help Torontonians with holistic healing remedies through alternative medicine

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39 Lower Simcoe St. Toronto, ON M5J 3A6

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A holistic approach to health

Work with the best naturopathic doctors in Toronto to look at your health with a whole-body approach. We will recommend lifestyle, diet, and supplements that are based on your unique health history, lab testing, and current symptoms. This way, you can get back to feeling like yourself even if you forgot what that even feels like!