Working with a licensed naturopathic doctor in Toronto such as Dr. James Yoon is a welcoming, open-minded, and non-judgmental healthcare experience. Your first visit includes a comprehensive intake of your medical history, health concerns, and overall quality of life and wellness. Some preliminary recommendations may be prescribed on your first visit to support your health and functioning, and your subsequent follow-up visits will focus on your individualized treatment program.

Toronto Naturopath Dr. James Yoon will assess your overall health condition by:

  • conducting a detailed assessment of your health history;
  • performing a focused physical examination; and
  • ordering blood work and/or specialized laboratory testing, if necessary.

Dr. Yoon will identify and remove the underlying causes of your health issues, and provide natural, effective solutions to improve your energy, sleep quality, digestion, and your overall state of health with other existing health conditions.

If you are looking for natural, non-invasive healthcare solutions, please get in touch today.