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Proactive Care for Elite Success

Athletes are generally considered epitomes of the healthy lifestyle. However, this title isn’t gained with an ease; it is the result of hard work and dedicated athlete management programs. Working with a Toronto naturopath will enable athletes optimize their performance and reach higher standards with an ease.

Since sports nutrition and exercise are closely interrelated, the intervention of a naturopath in Toronto can only be highly beneficial. Add a natural, holistic approach to training and a complete performance assessment (both mental and physical) and we obtain a true athlete success recipe.

About the Program

The Athlete Management Program is complex and addresses all aspects that define you as an athlete. We begin the program with a comprehensive assessment of your physical state and medical history that will help us understand who are you as an athlete and what are your body’s capabilities and blockages in reaching the full athletic potential. This assessment helps us review several aspects that are crucial to any athlete’s performance:

  • Screening physical examination;
  • Review of current dietary plan, nutrient intake and supplements.
  • Training history
  • Injury history
  • Sports goals
  • Metabolic laboratory tests

After the full assessment, a unique Athlete Management Program will be created. The program aims to enhance the athletic potential and overall performance by focusing on the workout supplementation. In addition, nutrition recommendations will be traced and implemented to provide the right amount of nutrients for a boost of energy and power during training. We complete the Athlete Management Program by elaborating an injury prevention/recovery plan to help athletes reach the peak of their abilities.

Physical Injury Management

The Athlete Management Program not only that it improves the natural athletic abilities, but it also helps athletes recover from injury and surpass their temporary physical inability in order to reach top performances. We work closely with each patient for ameliorating/improving common athlete injury problems/pain in areas like hand/wrist pain, ankle/foot area, shoulder, knee, pelvis/hip area, neck/back area and common tendon problems.

The Athlete Management Program also includes counseling and support in the following aspects:

  • Dietary plan and supplements to complete proper athlete nutrition.
  • Fast and safe physical recovery
  • Injury recovery
  • Pain/concussion management and relief
  • Stimulate the natural recovery capability of the body using proactive supplements and products.
Common Conditions Managed
  • Knee injuries / pain
  • Shoulder injuries / pain
  • Neck and Back pain
  • Pelvis and Hip issues / imbalances
  • Ankle / Foot problems
  • Hand / Wrist issues
  • General Tendon issues
  • Concussion management
Benefits of the Program
  • Prevent over-training using proactive medicine
  • Optimize your diet with sports nutrition and supplementation
  • Treat your injuries
  • Manage and relieve your pain
  • Maximize recovery
Comprehensive Intake
Health Screen + Physical Exam
Metabolic Lab Testing
Customized Diet, Nutrition, and Supplementation
Injury Prevention & Rehab Exercises



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